Should you open that email?

Should you open that email from a friend that has one web link in the body for you to click on? Or an email from a friend that asks you to look at the attachment. The “safest” answer is NO. Even though you may know the sender, that does not mean the sender “knows” his computer is mass mailing to his contact list. Your friend may have a virus on his computer running in the background, which finds his address book and starts sending itself to everyone there. The purpose is to try and get you to load the virus. That email may either be a link to a website waiting for you to visit in which case it will try to exploit a security hole in your web browser, or it may be an attached zip file. We all get links from our fiends for YouTube and other interesting sites. This is where you take a gamble. You can take some steps to try and validate the email. Take a close look at the email, did the sender put in words addressed to you that someone else would not know? Usually the sender will not blast to everyone in his address list. Look at the TO: field. If there are people there you don’t know, most likely is it a bad email. If you are still questioning the validity, send a response back asking your fiend if he/she sent the email. Remember, it is very easy to click on a link or open an attachment, but if it is a virus, it may take days to clean up your system. To help your friends know YOU sent an email with a web link or attachment, “personally” add some text to help them understand “your” message is valid.