Tablet or PC in tablet form factor

Tablet or Tablet Like “PC”. Most people can get away with having a tablet to perform most of what they need to do. But for business people, there are needs to have a tablet like device but with a full blown Windows. The Surface Pro 2 is such a device. It is a PC with a full Windows 8.1 Professional in a “tablet” looking piece of hardware. This is not a “portable” which are normally larger and¬†bulky. With the Surface Pro 2 you can load a full blown Microsoft Office with no limitations. You can also install any other normal Windows Software just like it was a PC. The Surface Pro 2 starts up very fast. The hard drive is a solid state device. That means no rotating parts. Normal hard drives in portables are extremely susceptible to sharp movements due to the rotating component of the hard drive. The video display is very sharp and crisp. There are a number of add on accessories you may want to review. Two of the most significant ones are the Touch Cover keyboard and Docking Station (extra costs). The Touch Cover comes in a variety of colors and some have lighted keys. You have most likely seen the commercial with the college kids jumping around and snapping the keyboard to the Surface device. It truly is that simple. You get it close and snap, the keyboard locks into place. The Docking Station allows you to turn your small tablet form Surface Pro 2 into a device that drives a full blown monitor, keyboard and mouse. Very nice if you need the large screen at work. More accessories can be found on Microsoft’s website. This is a fast changing market and various hardware vendors are starting to produce these PC’s in tablet form. If the tablet works for you, great, but if you are a business person that needs to take your work with you on the road, look for the PC’s in table form like the Surface Pro 2.