Warning Signs

Signs of virus infection or malware¬†infiltration…


  • Popup ads appear when you are not surfing the Internet
  • Your homepage changes automatically to a different location
  • Your system runs slowly, even with only a few applications open
  • Your system is using more memory than usual
  • Unusual messages or displays on your monitor
  • Unusual sounds or music played at random times
  • Your system resources are unexpectedly low
  • A disk name or volume name has been changed
  • Programs or files are suddenly missing
  • Unknown programs or files have been created
  • Some of your files become corrupted or suddenly don’t work properly
  • Internet connection is slower
  • Your system “crashes” often


Signs of impending hard drive failure…


  • Clicking noises are heard coming from your hard drive
  • Your computer freezes frequently
  • Your computer takes a long time to boot up