E-ZPass Phishing Email

Watch out for this new type of phishing email.  This is another attempt to have you click on the link.  It is an email from support@su-usa.com and the subject line reads:

Indebtedness for driving on toll road

The content of the email looks like this:


If you click on the link “here”, your web browser will be taken to a web site that will try and load malware on your computer.  If you have an E-ZPass account and you think you may have a violation, log into that account as you normally would and check there.

Here is another  hint that the email is not normal.  “Indebtedness for driving on toll road”.  This is not a normal English phrase we would use to indicate you have a violation.  If there is poor grammar in the email, that should be a red flag the email is not valid.

The main point to remember is – never click on a link in an email unless you have validated the email is truly from who it says it is.  And even that can be hard to do.