Malware Email

A recent rash of emails trying to get you to click on a link have been seen.  These emails entice you to receive coupons, rebate cash, etc.  The links do not take you to the vendors site but some other location on the Internet.  Below are 2 examples of recent emails.  Review of these emails could not be validated.  Neither Kohl’s or CVS had any reference to these on their website.  Emails like these are used frequently by hackers to try and lure you to their website where they can load malware or spyware on your computer.  The question you should ask – “is it worth it to take the chance and get malware/spyware loaded on my computer?”  You will pay a lot more to get your PC cleaned and possibly worse if you have Identity Theft as a result of these emails.  If you suspect the vendor has truly offered you a special deal, visit that vendors website to see if they list the promotion there.  If not, your email is most likely suspect.  Just delete it.

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