Cyber-Security with Work From Home

The arrival of the pandemic turned work-from-home into reality – almost overnight. According to a recent Gallup poll, a staggering two-thirds of Americans were working from home in the days before lockdowns started lifting.

Many experts believe that a sizable percentage of the workers who headed home will stay at home. Employers will see value in less overhead and less crowded offices. While working from home may have substantial environmental benefits, the changes are causing some tremendous difficulty with cybersecurity.

VPN usage shot up in the early days of the pandemic and we were hopeful that remote employees were adhering to cybersecurity best practices. But while VPN use has become ubiquitous, so has corner-cutting by employees not used to balancing work, screaming kids, curious pets, and chatty spouses along with their work.

Data compiled by researchers at cybersecurity company Tessian reveals that 52 percent of employees believe they can get away with riskier behavior when working from home, such as sharing confidential files via email instead of more trusted mechanisms.

Perhaps more ominous is that the lack of constant monitoring has 48 percent of workers believing that they don’t have to follow cybersecurity best practices.

As the economy ramps back up, but employees continue to stay home, owners and managers need to spell out the cybersecurity dangers associated with employees working from home.  Have the conversation with your staff about the implications of cutting corners.

Idea Solutions is happy to put together a presentation for your staff on best cyber-security practices.  If you are interested in setting this up please contact us.