5 Simple Tips to Avoid Cyberattacks

In the 2020 Internet Crime Report, the FBI reports that internet crime rose by more than 300,000 complaints from 2019 and reported losses exceeding $4.2 billion. It is more important than ever to protect yourself against cyberattacks, whether ransomware, harmful malware, phishing emails, and other scams. October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and to help bring attention to the dire need of understanding the basic requirements necessary, here are five simple steps you can implement on your end. 

Two-Factor Authentication

You have most likely been asked to utilize a Two-Factor Authentication process when using certain apps. This is becoming a standard feature to keep your identity and information safe. Yes, it can be annoying; however, the simple step of verifying your identity through a code being emailed or texted to you is well worth the extra security.

Always Update Windows and apply security patches

Ransomware isn’t just a problem for multi-billion dollar companies. Medium and small-sized businesses are getting hit hard with ransomware attacks too. One thing you can do to protect yourself is to invest in the latest equipment, from security cameras to copy/fax machines. The more updated your equipment is, the more secure it is from cyberattacks. 

Check Your Emails 

When it comes to your emails, it is vital that you be diligent and always use common sense. Never click links or attachments without verifying their validity, and you should have software in place that checks them for viruses and malware. Always check who your email is actually from. This is especially true when you receive an email asking for sensitive information. Even when you receive what seems to be a legitimate email, the “from” checks out, the logo is not pixelated, there are no misspellings, and the wording is not awkward, never click a link. Instead, always go directly to the source URL. You can change your password there, check for correspondence, or contact customer service. 

Limit Personal Use on Company Computers

Social media has invaded many of our lives. It is how we stay in contact with family and friends (especially since COVID), unwind after a long day, and spend our time waiting in lines. However, numerous dangers are lurking that many people are entirely unaware of. That is not only the ability for scammers to make duplicate accounts and ask your friends for help or to hack your account and compromise your personal information. Instead, it is a place where many people freely provide personal information that hackers and scammers can use against them. Think before you answer polls or posts asking seemingly harmless posts that mimic security questions.  

Use Behavioral/AI Endpoint Malware and Virus Protection Software

No matter how much common sense and personal precautions you take, you will also need security software to help you ward off cyberattacks. There is simply no way around it. It is crucial you use behavioral/AI Endpoint Protection software. This intelligent software will learn and grow with your usage, creating a safer and more positive user experience. Idea Solutions can help install the Behavioral/AI Endpoint Protection Software and advise on other safety protocols. We provide risk assessment and testing to find your weaknesses and fill the gaps providing the highest security standards. Contact us at idea@idea-solutions.com to learn how we can get you covered today.