Computer Networks

Setting up a new network? Need to upgrade your existing network? ….


With Network Management tailored for small to medium businesses, we serve as your company’s IT staff at a fraction of the cost to hire and retain in-house personnel. From Microsoft’s Active Directory Networks, to Linux servers, to Peer-To-Peer Networks, we can help your business share vital resources. Data is critical to all businesses and needs proper configuration to ensure that it is protected and backed up.

Is your system slow? Does it lock up or lose data? Can you share data with other employees? Do you have a secure Internet connection? Do you have e-mail within your business or on the Internet? Do you back up your valuable data? What would you do if you lost your key data? These are services that we can provide to keep your business running efficiently.

  • Network Operating System Installation and Maintenance
  • Maintenance and Installation of e-mail Services, Integrated Data Transfer, and Seamless Linking to the Internet
  • Review/Design and Implementation of Data Backup and Recovery Procedures
  • Remote Networking Capabilities Implemented with Secure Connections
  • Installations of Shared Resources (e.g. Printers)
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Wireless Network Installation
  • Remote LAN Maintenance for Minimized Downtime
  • Website Management and Internet Integration into Business Functions for State of the Art Process Streamlining